About Laurel Technologies, Inc.

Distributor and wholesaler of fine marine and mobile power products

Laurel Technologies Inc. is a distributor of specialty components, tools, and equipment for mobile and off-grid/occasional-grid power installations around the world. We are the largest distributor of Victron Energy products on the west coast and Bay Marine Supply, our retail arm in San Diego CA, is the largest stocking Sterling Power distributor in the continental United States. We are also proud to distribute Blue Sea Systems switches, busbars, and other electrical components; FTZ cable lugs; Bussmann fuses and fuseblocks; and offer a wide variety of custom-manufactured components including specialty cables made to order and proprietary busbars, along with unparalleled technical expertise. Contact us here if you are interested in becoming one of our preferred vendors, or visit our retail site for an unrivaled in-stock selection of components to meet your needs.

Distribution Channels

We distribute products through three channels: Retail, Wholesale, and E-commerce

Retail Wholesale E-commerce
-San Diego Storefront -Installers BayMarineSupply.com
  -Resellers Amazon.com
  -Dropshipping eBay.com

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